Guesstimate — Estimate the Facebook Users in India

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Sanyam Aggarwal
2 min readAug 22, 2023

Q. Estimate the Facebook Users in India.

Clarifying Questions:

  1. Active Facebook users or also the ones who have accounts but don’t use it anymore or have uninstalled the app?
  2. Users of any specific gender, age, geography — Rural or Urban?

A. Consider Active users as of now and calculate for the whole of India, nothing specific.


  1. The population of India is 140 Crores.
  2. Internet penetration rate is ~60%.
  3. Smartphone penetration rate is ~80%.
  4. Social Media penetration rate is ~80%.
  5. Percentage of older generation having Facebook accounts will be higher then the percentage of new generation.


Population of India = 140 Cr

Population having access to Internet i.e. Internet Penetration = 60% (140 Cr) = 84 Cr

Population having access to Internet as well as Smartphones = 80%(84 Cr) = ~70 Cr

Population using any form of social media = 80%(70 Cr) = 56 Cr

Age Wise Split

Finally, Number of Facebook Accounts in India = 60%(56 Cr) = ~30 Cr

Note: As per Google, currently there are about 36 Crore Facebook Accounts in India

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