Guesstimate — Estimate the number of vehicles travelling from Delhi to Gurugram in a day?

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Q. Estimate the number of vehicles travelling from Delhi to Gurugram and vice versa in a day?

Clarifying Questions:

  1. Calculation for personal cars/cabs/trucks/autos/buses or all?
  2. By vehicles, do you mean bikes/scooters as well?
  3. If a vehicle crosses to and fro, need to consider once or twice?
  4. Calculation for which day of a week and of which month?
  5. For working class or students going to school or people casually crossing?

A. Consider only cars i.e. both personal ones and cabs for the calculation. Consider only once even if the vehicle is going to and fro. Calculate for a weekday and take the month of your choice. Initially calculate for working people then we can take a ballpark for the casually going crowd.


  1. Population of Delhi ~3 Cr
  2. Average family size in urban areas ~4 person per family.
  3. Considering a weekday, let’s say Monday to take into account the maximum number of cars going from Delhi to Gurgaon.


Population of Delhi is 3 Crores

Population to Household conversion and then further split based on employment type

Rectified the mistake in the Flowchart. Thanks Naman Virk for pointing that out.

Total working population in Delhi = ~55 Lakhs

Let’s split the population based on the place of work to get better idea about the working population travelling daily from Delhi to Gurgaon.

Source- My Guesstimate Cheatsheet

From the above table we got to know that for about ~27 Lakh people the work place is Gurgaon and thus they’ll be commuting from Delhi to Gurgaon on a daily basis.

Considering people who will be casually visiting from Delhi to Gurgaon and vice versa = 10%(27 Lakhs) = ~3 Lakhs

Therefore, total people visiting = 30 Lakhs

Let’s see the split between modes of transport to be opted by these people

Mode of Transport Split

So, total cars passing from Delhi to Gurgaon and vice versa = 10 Lakhs

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